Admission Open for 2017-18

Student Interviews

Studying in multicultural Brindavan College has been a new experience formedealing with such a powerful Management under the control of the chairman and Director besides serious supervision of the Principal and observation of Head of Biotechnology department.

Knowledgeable faculty as well as equipped labs and friendly conditions make this academic unit as a perfect unified body that is why I am keen on continuing my studies here.

Samereh Nouri
M. Sc. Biotechnology

Brindavan College - "Unity in Diversity " was my first impression on this college seeing students of 42 nationalities studying under a roof is amazing. I did my B.Sc over here and again came back for masters ! that defines Brindavan College.

The Management and teachers are very co-operative and kind to students. The lab is provided with latest equipments and all these motivate me to achieve my goal in future. Finally, I want to thank the Management, faculties and staff (non-teaching).

Feroz Ahmad
M. Sc. Biotechnology
India (West Bengal)

Our college is well equipped with facilities that brings about the best in us. The homely environment, co-operative seniors and dedicating teachers makes the M.Sc Microbiology Fresher students feel that they have selected the exact and the best college for their masters degree.

Deboleena Kundu
M. Sc. Microbiology
India (West Bengal)

After finishing my graduation in B.Sc Genetics at Brindavan College, leaving a wide range of choices I have returned to Brindavan for my masters. As I know at Brindavan, academics are unique, Environment is inspiring and goals are achieved at the department of M.Sc Applied Genetics.

We work hand in hand with a most co-operative and a dedicated faculty to understand and explore the depths of Genetics in order to serve the survival of the human race. Brindavan is home-away-from-home to me, with its rich cultural diversity and the friendliness and the warmth of the Brindavan family. May the flag of Brindavan hail forever, and may god"s blessings be with you always%..

Wathsara Perera
M. Sc. Applied Genetics

It has been a tremendous experience studying in this prestigious college having many foreign students studying under one roof. On the very first day when I visited Brindavan College I was really impressed with the building and its surroundings.

As there are many Sri Lankans I felt I was back at home. The staff, Management and the rest of the students were all helpful as well.

At the beginning it was bit hard to adjust to this environment but now I am glad and proud to say that I made a right decision in choosing Brindavan College for my higher education.

Thilini Mathew
B.C.A - "A"

When I came first to this college regarding admission I was impressed to see the campus building and environment and finally I made decision to take admission in this college.

This is very good college for education. The teachers of this college are very kind who are always ready to help the students. Here many facilities are provided to the students which help to learn easily. This campus rules and regulations are very impressive which I like most. NowIamvery glad and proud to say I took a good decision for higher education.

Ashok Kumar Sah
B.C.A - "A"

This is one of the famous colleges in Bengaluru University. This is a very prestigious college where almost all the country students are studying and in this college we get a chance to mingle with different kinds of people, different culture, different languages.

As the name says Brindavan College is full of trees, flowers, fountains and it has got good environment conditions. In this college the teaching is very good we can understand better. Teachers are very friendly with the students. I heartily thank god for making me to join in this proud and prestigious college.

Teena Batra
B.C.A - "B"
India (Delhi)

I give all the glory, honour and power to the lord God- Almighty who enabled me to join this prestigious college. The fact that it has a number of nationalities, has given me a fore taste of heaven, where nations will assemble before the throne of God to worship him.

It has also availed to me an opportunity to know other cultures, customs and norms, and above all it has a beautiful academic environment just suitable for one to excel in their academics.

B.C.A - "B"
India (Bihar)