Admission Open for 2017-18

Foot Prints

I am really impressed with the college and the environment here. It really makes me feel like home. I would like to thank the Management for providing all the necessary support to develop our knowledge.

I must thank all teachers for making me mentally strong and to improve my thinking. Iam proud and happy to say Iama student of Brindavan College.

Ramzi Jehad Harb
VI Semster B. Sc. (Microbiology)

Three years under the shelter of Brindavan mother, gave me a gorgeous experience about the different cultures. Here, I found friends from every nook and corner of the world. Being a Srilankan from the pearl of the Indian ocean.

I found that there are many pearls and diamonds in this world which have different talents and qualities. I am deeply impressed by the kindness of teachers who guided us and showed us the right path. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to be with so many friends from different cultures and traditions.

Mathumitha Manohar
III Year B. Sc. (Biotechnology)

Brindavan College has been a very challenging institution for me. Before coming to such an enormous country, I was native and gullible but now I am much more approachable and strong. These three glorious years will forever remain in the depth of my memories.

I would like to heartily thank each of the faculty members. They were like parents to many foreigners like me. Even though this institution is little for from the city, it only adds to the student"s advantage in term of housing, food & other necessities, with tranquility and security. I wish all the people who come to this institution a happy stay. God Bless you all. Vinaka-vaka-levu. (Thank you)

Payal Nandini Maharaj
VI Semester B. Sc. (CZBt)
Fiji Islands

Brindavan College has given me the opportunity to meet students from various cultures and destinations most of whom are close now and dependable friends. The integration of students couple with the state of art facilities is just over whelming.

Brindavan College really gives each of its students more opportunity to excel in life after graduation and really I could not ask for more. Iamso privileged to be a part of Brindavan College.

Momoden L. Mamburay
VI Semester B. Sc. (PMCs)
The Gambia

Jakulan here, I came to India looking for quality education, after joining in Brindavan College, I realized that there is much more here. It"s a college of International unity, fabulous atmosphere, pleasant stay and the best education.

The most positive point of this college is helpful teachers and multi cultural friends. It's mind glowing experience being part of this college for 3 years.

Tharmakulstingam Jakulan
Vi Semester B. Sc. (PMCs)
Sri Lanka

Mauritius is a floricultural society. I was amazed when I first come to this college. To see so many people from almost 40 nationalities under the same roof. Despite the cultural differences, the students are able to work hand-in-hand.

Not only the students but the teachers also have been very tolerant as our accent is different and also some of us are not good at communication skill. They showed great patience and comprehension.

Michale Absing Sergio Donilo
VI Semester B. Sc. (CZBt)

My three years of graduation in Brindavan College will remain as the "Golden Period" of my life. This college has not only given the shape to my career through academics but also taught me the moral values like co-operation, friendship ...... what ever necessary to be a perfect human being.

To tell the very truth, though I was away from my native state but I never missed my family as I was a part of #Brindavan Family$. Brindavan gave me friends from different parts of the world, which made me feel the pleasure of visiting the entire world. The efficient guidance and advice which I got from my teachers will direct me to a proper goal of my life........

Shuvankar Ballav
VI Semester B. Sc. (Biotechnology)

I joined Brindavan College as an ICCR Scholar without having any idea about the college. Even though the environment was a little strange to me, I loved it because I met many friends from different countries. The staff is always encouraging.

I should thank the college Management for providing well equipped laboratories. These three years in my life was a wonderful experience and Iamhappy to be a part of this college.

Dulani Anuradha Nilmini Manorathne
VI Semester B. Sc. (CZBt)
Sri Lanka