Admission Open for 2017-18


Special Coaching in English : This is for students from different states who have studied in different mother tongues other than English provided sufficient numbers of students come forward for the same. For this purpose, an experienced Guest Faculty will be engaged. The charges are to be borne by the participating students.

Tutorial System : Tutorial classes will be conducted at the end of every month. The duration of the class is two hours. Appropriate questions will be framed on the portions covered till then and distributed to the students. The students and teachers of concerned subjects will join for discussion. A test is conducted after every two tutorial to assess the performance of the students.

Subject Clubs : The subject clubs in the department of Microbiology, Computer Science, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics and Commerce and Management studies in the college are active and provide ample opportunities to the students to achieve academic excellence and be able to face the practical life after their studies.

Cultural Associations : To explore the latent talents and to promote leadership qualities of the students the following departmental clubs function under the supervision of the Departmental Heads.

  • Microzeal - (Microbiology Department)
  • Infosiasts - (Computer Science Department)
  • Zoozest - (Zoology Science Department)
  • Chem-Tech - (Chemistry Department)
  • The Phenomenon - (Physics Department)
  • The Firm - (Commerce & Management Department)
  • Cul - Curio - (Literary, Cultural Activities)