Admission Open for 2017-18

B.Sc. - Bio-Technology

About the Course : B.Sc. Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology is three years - six semesters course. This course is designed for the students who want to pursue their career in the fields of Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology. The course covers the major areas ranging from fundamentals to advanced concepts in the subjects of Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology. Along with these subjects students are exposed to literature, Indian Constitution, Computer Application and Environmental Studies.

Course Content : 

Year Semester Title Books
I Year I Sem * Language-I * As prescribed by Bengaluru University
* Language-II- English * As prescribed by Bengaluru University
* Chemistry-I (General) * Advanced Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Leee
* Zoology-l (Non-Chordata) Part-I * Manual of Zoology - Non Chordata by Jordan and
* Biotechnology-I (Cellbiology & Genetics) * Cellbiology & Genetics by C.B .Powar
* Chemistry-Practical-I (General) * Text book of Physical Chemistry by Tuli
* Zoology-Practical-I * Text book of Physical Chemistry by Tuli
* Biotechnology-Practical-I (Cellbiology & Genetics) * Cellbiology & Genetics by C.B .Powar
II Sem * Language-I * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Language-II . English * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Chemistry-II (General) * Inorganic Chemistry by J.E.Huhee
* Zoology-II (Non-Chordata) part-II * Advanced Organic Chemistry by J.March
* Biotechnology-II (Microbiology & Biostatistics) * Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by Gupta.S.C & V.K.Kapoor
* Chemistry-Practical-II (Physical) * Physical Chemistry 7th edition by P.W. Atkins
* Zoology-Practical-II (Nonchordata) * Manual of Zoology - Non Chordata by Jordan and Verma
* Biotechnology-Practical-II (Microbiology) * Microbiology by Pelzar Reid
* Computer Fundamentals. -
II Year III Sem * Language I * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Language II - English * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Chemistry - III (General) * Inorganic Chemistry by J.E.Huhee
* Zoology - III (Chordata part I) * Advanced Organic Chemistry by J. March
* Biotechnology-III (Biochemistry & Biophysics) * Physical Chemistry 7th edition by P.W. Atkins
* Chemistry-Practical- III (Organic) * Manual of Zoology Chordata by Jordan & Verma
* Zoology- Practical-III (Based on theory) * A Textbook of Biophysics by P. Narayan
* Biotechnology-Practical-III (Biochemistry) * Biochemistry by Stryer
* Indian Constitution * A text book of Indian Constitution by D.D. Basu
IV Sem * Language-l * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Language-II- English * As prescribed by the Bengaluru University
* Chemistry-IV (General) * Concise Inorganic Chemistry 5th edition by J.D.lee
* Zoology-IV (Mammals, Comparative & Human anatomy) * Organic Chemistry by R.T. Morrison & R.N. Boyd
* Biotechnology-IV (Molecular Biology) * Molecular Biotechnology by Glick & Pasternack
* Chemistry-Practical- IV (Inorganic I) * Human Anatomy by Chaurasiya Vol I, II & III
* Zoology-Practical-IV (Based on theory) * Manual of Zoology by Jordan & Verma By Verma & Agarwal
* Biotechnology-Practical-IV (Molecular Biology) -
* Environmental Studies -
III Year V Sem * Chemistry-V (Organic) * Organic Chemistry Vol I,II by I. L. Finar
* Chemistry-VI (Physical) * Advanced Organic Chemistry by J. March, John Willy
* Zoology-V (Genetics & Histology) * Principles of Physical Chemistry by B.R. Puri & L.R. Sharma
* Zoology-VI (Cellbiology, Immunology & Ecology) * Histology by A.K. Berry
* Biotechnology-V ( Genetic Engineering & Environmental BT) -
* Biotechnology-Vll (Immunology & Animal BT) * Genetics by Verma & Agarwal
* Chemistry-Practical-V (Organic) * Animal Biotechnology by Ian Freshney
* Chemistry-Practical-Vl (Physical) * Immunology by Janis Kuby
* Zoology-Practical-V (Based on theory) * Principles & Applications of Genetic Engineering by Glick & Pasternack
* Zoology-Practica!-VI (Based on theory) * Textbook of Physical Chemistry by P.L. Soni
* Biotechnology-Practical-V (Genetic Engineering & Environment BT) -
* Biotechnology-Practical-Vl (Immunology & Animal BT) -
VI Sem * Chemistry-Vll (Inorganic) * Principles of Inorganic Chemistry by B.R. Puri & L.R.Sharma
* Chemistry-VIII (Biochemistry) * Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 6th edition by F.A. Cotton & G.Wilkinson
* Zoology-VII (Developmental Biology & Evolution) * Embryology by Balinsky
* Zoology-VIII (Physiology & Ethology) * Physiology by Goel & Shastry
* Biotechnology-VII (Plant Biotechnology) * Microbial Technology by Ratledge
* Biotechnology-VIII (Industrial Biotechnology) * Plant Biotechnology - H.S. Chawla
* Chemistry-Practical-VII (Inorganic) * Biochemistry by Lehninger
* Chemistrty-Practical-VIII (Biochemistry) * Fundamentals of Biochemistry by J.L. Jain
* Zoology-Practical-VII (Based on theory) * Principles of Fermentation Technology - Stanbury, Wittaker, Hall
* Zoology-Practical-VIII (Based on theory) -
* Biotechnology-Practical-VII (Plant Biotechnology) -
* Biotechnology-Practical-VIII (Industrial Biotechnology) -

Duration : Three academic years - six semesters, each of 16 weeks.

Eligibility : Pass in 10 + 2 or equivalent with two Bio-Science subjects. Chemistry and Biology with any other subjects.

Calendar of Events (Tentative) :

Event  Odd Semester Even Semester
Commencement of the term August January
I Test September Febraury
II Test October March
Preparatory Examination November April
Bengaluru University Examination Decemeber May

Attendance : 75% attendance is a must for registering for the Bengaluru University examination.

Teaching Hours : 

Lectures / week / subject - 4 Hours from I to IV Semester & 6 Hours in V and VI Semester.

Practicals / week / subject - 3 Hours from I to IV Semester & 6 Hours in V and VI Semester. Academic Activities : 

Lectures/Seminars/Workshops/Projects/Visit to Research Institutions, Industries/Class tests/Examinations.

Examination : Bengaluru University exams will be held in the month of Nov/Dec for odd semesters and in the month of April/May for Even Semesters

Theory Internal Assessment Total Marks
Duration Max.Marks Max. Marks
3 hrs 90 Grade 100

Internal Assessment : Internal marks are awarded based on the performance of the student in tests, assignments, seminars, attendance, and punctuality, interaction relating to subjects during class hours, practical work in laboratory and the overall attitude.

Scheme of valuation : As per Bengaluru University regulations.

Promotion to next year : Students can carryover subjects to next higher semester.

Note : Student should complete the degree within 6 years from the date of admission to I semester.

Vacation : 

From Odd to Even semester - 15 days. From Even to Odd Semester - Approximately one month

Prospects of the Course : After the completion of course, students are eligible for higher studies or can take up professions of their level.

Higher Studies

Post graduate degree in Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Bioinformatics etc., PG Diploma in Bioinformatics / Genetic Engineering /Recombinant DNA technology, Food Technology,Tissue Culture, Immunotechnology , FermentationTechnology.

Employment Opportunities :

  • Project assistants in research institutions.
  • Project trainees in research and development units.
  • Quality as surance in Foodindustry / Distillery / Brewery / Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Fertilizeretc.
  • Member in agencies involved in health and environment surveillance and clinical research programmes, animal husbandry, wild life conservaton units, recreation programmes, assisted conception centres & pollution control board.
  • Self employment in mushroom cultivation /SCP production /Food processing / Beverage /Dairy plant / Brewery / Distillery / Mineral water plant / Biofertilizer & Biopesticide unit / Biogas plant / Diagnostic centres / Tissue culture laboratories / Vermicompost / Aquaculture /Sericulture /Apiculture / Preservation of animals / Pearl culture/ Fabric dyeing / Pharmaceutical unit /Soap and Detergent industry / Pesticide unit.