Admission Open for 2017-18

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration

About the Course : Management is the art of getting things done through others. BBA is an under-graduate Business Management course that is designed to train the students to acquire necessary managerial skills.As per the changing need of industries, to develop such skills, the students have to undertake a series of academic activities such as lectures, seminars, case studies, role plays, workshops, group discussions, quiz competitions, industrial visit etc., which expose them to the practical knowledge. In a nutshell, the course equips the students with the Managerial skills or employment in any organisation.

Outline of the Course : The course covers all the major areas of management like Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Business Law, Banking, Computers, Communication skills. Personality development, Management Information Systems, Taxation, Production Management etc., In each area, topics/units are arranged in such a way that the student learns from the concepts in logical style to maintain perfect harmony and continuity. Subject advancement is made in subsequently succeeding years where the students specialize in specific areas.

Course Content :

Year Semester Paper No Subjects
I Year I Sem 1.1 Language I : Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Additional English/Hindi
1.2 Language English
1.3 Fundementals of Accounting
1.4 Business Organizations and Environment
1.5 Quantitative Methods for Business - I
1.6 Management Process
Part 3 Foundation Course*
CC & EC*
II Sem 2.1 Language I : Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Additional English/Hindi
2.2 Language English
2.3 Financial Accounting
2.4 Quantitative Methods for Business II
2.5 Organizational Behaviour
2.6 Production and Operations Management
Part 3 Foundation Course*
CC & EC*
II Year III Sem 3.1 Language I : Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Additional English/Hindi
3.2 Soft Skills for Business
3.3 Corporate Accounting
3.4 Human Resource Management
3.5 Business Regulations
3.6 Corporate Environment
3.7 Business Ethics
Part 3 CC & EC*
IV Sem 4.1 Language I : Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Additional English/Hindi
4.2 Business Research Methods
4.3 Marketing Management
4.4 Cost Accounting
4.5 Financial Management
4.6 Banking Regulations & Operations
4.7 Cost Accounting
Part 3 SDC*
CC & EC*
III Year V Sem 5.1 Entrepreneurial Management
5.2 Computer Applications in Business
5.3 Investment Management
5.4 Management Accounting
5.5 Elective I
5.6 Elective II
Part 3 SDC*
VI Sem 6.1 International Business
6.2 E-Business
6.3 Income Tax
6.4 Strategic Management or Project Report & Viva (Voce)
6.5 Elective III
6.6 Elective Paper IV
Part 3 SDC*


1. Finance Group

Semester No.  Paper No. Title of the Paper
V FN 5.5 Advanced Financial Management
FN 5.6 Financial Markets and Services
VI FN 6.5 Investment & Portfolio Management
FN 6.6 Stock and Commodity Markets

2. Marketing Group

Semester No.  Paper No. Title of the Paper
V MK 5.5 Consumer Behavior
MK 5.6 Advertising & Media Management
VI MK 6.5 Brand Management
MK 6.6 Retail Management

Calendar of Events (Tentative) : 

Event  Odd Semester Even Semester
Commencement of the term August January
I Test September Febraury
II Test October March
Preparatory Examination November April
Bengaluru University Examination Decemeber May

Attendance : 75% attendance is a must for registering for the Bengaluru University examination. 

Academic Activities : Lectures, Seminars,Workshops, Guest Lectures, Skill Development activities and Industrial visit.

Teaching Hours : 

Theory : 4 Hrs / subject / week
Practicals : 3 Hrs / subject / week

Project Work : 

VI Seme * Project to Design a Web Page using the recentTechnologies
* Afull fledged project with full validations using C/C++/Java/ORACLE/Visual Basic

Examination : Twice in an academic year in December and May.

Scheme of Examination :

(Max. Marks)
(Max. Marks)
Internal Assessment
(Max. Marks)
Total Marks
Paper with practical component 60 30 10 100
Paper without practical component 90 - 10 100

Scheme of valuation: As per Bengaluru University regulations.

Promotion to next year : A Candidate is allowed to carry over all the previous uncleared (failed) theory papers / practicals to subsequent semesters as per Bengaluru University regulations in force for Science degree courses.

Internal Assessment : Internal marks are assessed based on the performance of the student in tests, assignments, seminars, attendance, punctuality, interaction relating to subject during class hours, approach in solving the problem - awareness, progress, creative thinking development and the overall attitude of the student.

Vacation : 
From Odd to Even semester - 15 days.
From Even to Odd Semester - Approximately one month

Prospects of the Course : 

Higher Education
After the completion of the course the students can join the following post-graduate and other professional courses.

  • MCA., M.S.c,. IT., MS., M.B.A.
  • P.G. Diploma in ComputerApplications or Management.
  • National Level Competitive Exams like IAS, IFS, IPS, BSRB or equivalent in their respective countries.
  • Certified courses in Microsoft, SUN, CISCO, SCO, Red Hat, Novell, Netware, Multimedia &Animation andWeb Design.

Employment Opportunities : BCA is the most comprehensive IT programme designed to give an edge in any computer related career. It covers a wide spectrum of areas such as : 

Software Programmer, System Administrators, Database Managers, Software Testing Engineers, Technical Writers, Teaching faculty at schools and institutes, Technical assistants in Research Organisations, Web Design Professionals, Networks Engineers and career in Business Process Outsourcing.